VTT 3140

Vocational Training Team of Eye Surgeons from Rotary International, dist 3140 to Conakry, Guinea

DAY 11 – Operative day at DESSO


The day had 16 cases 7 for Phaco and rest MICS. Dr Nirav, Ravi and Dr Arun  performed Phaco cases on various types of Cataract.

Dr Ketema performed the Phaco surgery on one of the patients.



The day being a day of protest the team could not visit the bartime clinic.

The VTT team also supervised other doctors where 2 of them performed Capsulorhexis on 4 patients for the first time successfully after being trained in workshop on Monday


One comment on “DAY 11 – Operative day at DESSO

  1. Raja Saboo
    May 30, 2013

    Very happy to know of the team 0f D-3140 Dr Arun Choudhary, Dr Ravishankar who happens to be from D-3180, both Rotarians, and two non-Rotarian Optho-surgeons Dr Jenin Patel and Dr neerav working on the Mercy ship in Guinea, West Africa, as VTT of eye surgeons under The Rotary Foundation program. I got to know about this team working in Africa very recently. This is a great service treating the humanity in need and also training the local medical people to sustain the program. My most sincere compliments to the doctors for their dedication. They make Rotary proud and truely translate the ideals of Service Above Self into reality.

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